He’s a very very nice man!

Yes I know that this slogan is used by a lesser known breakdown organisation but I felt it appropriate to acknowledge the good work of Paul Gowen at the RAC.

If you’re planning to take your vehicle overseas and outside Europe, then you’ll need a Carnet de Passage.  In our case, the Carnet applies to Iran, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

This is an internationally recognised Customs document entitling the temporary importation of your vehicle without payment of duties and taxes upon entry of these countries. 

The RAC is the only issuer of Carnets in the UK and it’s valid for up to 12 months.

Pricing  depends upon where you’re travelling, the value of your vehicle and method of indemnity adopted.  To apply (at least a month in advance of travel), refer to the RAC website.

Thanks Paul for making this process relatively painless.  We’ll be in touch again next week once we’ve obtained our Indian and Iranian visas.

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