Day One – The Journey Begins

27th October 2010 – 203 miles

Well here we are on our first day of the overland and we’re already behind schedule!

That said, it has been a long and eventful day.

We started out at Islamic Relief’s Head Office in Birmingham to film a promotional video of our trip for their website.

Armed with a selection of muffins kindly donated by them (and hot tea provided by Johur’s wife courtesy of his flask), we had breakfast on the way down to London on the M6 / M1.

With Johur at the wheel, we flew down (figure of speech) to our press conference at Muquim Ahmed’s Cafe Naz on Brick Lane, London.  Surrounded by the good and the great from the Bangla media world, and in the heart of the Bangladeshi community, it felt like we cashed in on our 15 minutes of fame! We’d particularly like to thank Nasir’s brother-in-law, Roushan bhai, for picking up the tab.

From London we headed on to the Dover coast and stopped at Kitchlu Bokth’s restaurant [close friend of Shihab] in Canterbury, the Ancient Raj.  This is likely to be the last good curry that we’ll be eating in a long time!

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