Introducing … Our Mode of Transport

To most people, our vehicle is big, black and with chunky tyres.

For any Land Rover (Landy) nuts out there, this is a Defender 110 TD5.  We have prepared her for the trip with 285/75/16 All Terrain tyres, a Safari snorkel, bull bars and side steps.  And to ensure that we’re seen at night by those big Bedford trucks, we’ve fitted WIPAC spotlights and NAS lights on the front and rear.  And for storage, the Hannibal roof rack will house spare parts, jerry cans and a spare tyre. 

Defenders are not built with comfort in mind, especially for long journeys, but are certainly the most rugged.  The vehicle has been sound-proofed by Noisekiller and fitted with Blaupunkt Marine speakers in the rear to drown out as much road and engine noise as possible.  As there are three of us travelling, we’ve also installed a couple of seats in the back and cut out some sliding side windows.

To make up some time on the autoroutes and autostradas in Europe, the truck has also been modified by Twisted Performance.

Special thanks goes to Russell Bodley and his team at MM 4×4 at Droitwich for preparing the car mechanically for the rally.  We’d also like to thank BOAB, Devon 4×4, Nene Overland and Halfords for supplying parts and accessories.

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2 Responses to Introducing … Our Mode of Transport

  1. aftab rahman says:

    Hi All,

    I am sorry it has taken me so long to get on the blog. It looks great, what an adventure, I wish I was there. Being scammed is part of the stories that make the journey.

    The weather has turned here, it has become cold and rainy. Where are you guys now?

    I can’t believe you took pot noodles as snacks – its like eating plastic. I am sure you will get some lovely food now.

    The plight of minorities across Europe is pretty bad – we have got it good here.

    Have you guys fallen out yet?

    Be safe, and I will be in touch soon.


  2. fyshnet says:

    Finally managed to catch up on comments. We’ve now arrived in Dhaka and feeling euphoric!
    Yes we’ve had our spats, usually over the silliest things – normally driving related – especially towards the end when we were all drained both physically, mentally, emotionally etc.
    We knew that this would invariably happen but agreed prior to the trip that any argument was not personal!

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