Day Three – Scaling the Alps

29th October 2010 – 532 miles

With good intentions of setting off early, we left on a shaky start.  Whilst packing the vehicle, SOMEONE had lost the one and only set of car keys.

Having stripped the car down, practically down to its nuts and bolts, they were found behind the front passenger seat.  Now the post-mortem has not established who did what but we have decided to put it behind us and make sure that it does not happen again!

Today we drove from Paris to Milan which was no mean feat given the territory covered.  Our drive included crossing countless viaducts and passing through the longest tunnels you could ever imagine – including Mont Blanc Tunnel which is over 7 miles long!

Nasir drove the first stint and then doubled up as chai wallah in the back, topping up our cups for the rest of the day.

We had a great Italian supper and checked into a decent 4 star hotel.  Aside from a slight altercation with the car parking attendant regarding an alleged scrape of our roof rack with their car park roof, we live to tell the tale.

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