Day Eight – We’d Been Had!

3rd November 2010 – 450 miles

I can’t believe we’re now into the second week of our expedition!

We seem to have developed a routine whereby we leave straight after breakfast and take turns to drive for 2 hour stints each with breaks / fuel stops in between.  Going forward, our intinerary has been set such that we only drive, where possible, in hours of daylight.  In fact this is working so well that today a Turkish family stopped their vehicle beside ours to ask us for directions!

Today we just drove, initially on another toll road motorway from Istanbul to Ankara and then local (A & B) roads up to Yozgat.  Whilst the roads became narrower, the scenery got progressively better.

On the subject of tolls, it transpires that the so-called pre-paid toll card that we bought the other day (see ‘Day 6 – The Big Hustle’ post) for $50 was actually a phone card (probably with no credits)!  The actual toll card should look like this.

And when we arrived at Yozgat in search of hotels, we were flagged down by the local pharmacist, who it transpires also owns a Landrover.  Thanks Ahmet for helping us find a hotel.

Finally, a bit of bad news.  A friend of ours from Birmingham, Asad Uddin, was due to accompany us from Istanbul.  His visas were not processed in time for our departure so he travelled through Eastern Europe in the hope of catching us up.  Unfortunately, he did make it past the Turkish border and was turned back for not having the correct paperwork for his vehicle.

We hope that we don’t encounter such problems at subsequent border controls.

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2 Responses to Day Eight – We’d Been Had!

  1. alim says:

    Salam to all. Hope you guys are having a excellent journey. I juat want to wish you guys all the best and have a safe. I hope dula bhai (nasir) is not giving you guys grief, he can be a pain at
    Regard Alim

  2. fyshnet says:

    Nasir bhai has kept us sane throughout the trip. He’s sooo chilled!

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