Day Twenty One – Mayhem in Delhi

17th November 2010 – 140 miles

Based upon the previous day’s driving, we were conscious that we did not want to leave Delhi too late to get to Agra, and so sightseeing in Delhi today would have to be a whistle-stop tour.

We left the car (and keys – more about this later…) at the hotel and set off on the new Metro system heading to Old Delhi.

Getting off at Chowri Bazaar we were bedazzled and bamboozled by the crazy hubbub that you would expect Delhi to be.  The only way to travel through this frenzy was by rickshaw.

Our first stop was Jama Masjid, India’s largest mosque.  We were charged an exorbitant amount to take or cameras in (under duress as we could not leave them anywhere!) but this was compensated by the spectacular views of the city.  

We then ventured to the market below to purchase our Eid attire.

Then onwards to the Red Fort, the best place to imagine the Mughal city’s splendour. 

They have a two-tier pricing structure here for entry – 10 rupees for Indians and 250 for foreigners.  We attempted to purchase foreigner tickets but were ushered to the local queue, where we paid the local rate but were also shortchanged by 50 rupees for the privilege (nudge is as good as a wink!).

All this sightseeing had worked up an appetite and we’d been told that Delhiites love to eat.  We ate at the legendary Karim’s where they’ve been serving divine Mughlai cuisine since 1913.

Whilst here I’d received a call from home to inform us that our GPS emergency alert (left in the car) had been activated!  Bearing in mind that all of our personal belongings were packed in the car, in retrospect it probably was not the best idea for me to entrust the hotel staff with the car keys.

We made a mad dash back for the hotel (opting to forego visiting Humayun’s Tomb), expecting the worse, only to find that the hotel owner had set off the tracker (thinking it was the immobiliser) when he moved the car.  Phew but a valuable lesson learnt.

We set off for Agra.  Despite being on the right side of Delhi (south east and towards Agra), it took us at least 2 hours to leave the city limits.

Escaping the hustle and bustle of Delhi, and our plans to celebrate Eid at Agra, we justified checking in to separate rooms at a top-notch hotel (not far from the Taj Mahal) to recharge our batteries.

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