The Team

Shihab Hossain

Occupation: CEO of a distributor of beauty & personal care products, John Paul Selects
Why are you doing this: Why not?
3 Travel Essentials: Time, money and will
What are you scared of: Breaking down
What do you like: Driving
What do you dislike: Map reading
What will you miss: Wife, kids and curries
Motto: Treat others the way you want to be treated

Johur Uddin

Occupation: Run a training company, CMG Training
Why are you doing this: It’s been a lifelong ambition
3 Travel Essentials: Good company, good vehicle & plenty of time
What are you scared of: Not making it
What do you like: Meeting people
What do you dislike: Rude & arrogant people
What will you miss: That would be telling!!!
Motto: Enjoy it while it lasts

Nasir Uddin

Occupation: Director of Raj Shahi Restaurant
Why are you doing this: It’ll be a dream come true
3 Travel Essentials: Enjoyment, money & reliable vehicle
What are you scared of: Bandits
What do you like: Good company, especially when you’re going to be sharing a vehicle for 25 days
What do you dislike: Being told what to do
What will you miss: My family, especially my youngest son
Motto: Respect and be respected